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Be Confident: Life Saver on Duty

Hello My Darling People How are you doing? Hope you had a good Monday. Yesterday, when I said perhaps tomorrow, I really meant it literally and thank God it came to fulfilment. 
Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Maybe not even in water. Or is drowning is extreme?
We can use another illustration.
Have you ever been so pressed for the restroom that you knew there is and will be a huge problem if you didn't get to use one immediately.  I mean, in both examples, you literally cannot talk or smile and moving is a problem.
Now, is that drowning or pressing is coming from other aspects of your life? Maybe work, your relationships, with tasks and deadlines, with finances or anything you are currently going through. Does it seems like nothing else matters at the moment? Not the temperature of the water or the size of your bladder. All you need is rescue and relief, right?

GUESS WHAT? The life saver is on this beach and guess what, that very situation has a rest room. Relief is on…

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