Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Undiminished Value

Hello People
How are you doing?
How is your week going?
I feel like I have to give you gist from the birthday because I told you I didn't know how the day was going to turn out and how I was going to celebrate.
Well *drumrolls and batting eye lids*, I had one of the best birthday ever. 
Guess why?
I received calls, read messages, received gifts, slept very well, ate very good food with a lot of cake and was very well pampered by family and friends. 
I'm already thinking of what to do next year. 

Well, for this week I really want to be short and straightforward. 
But maybe I should still say a story.
A few years ago, I think it was a nice Sunday evening. My mum, sisters and I were in the room throwing our usual banters and then my tongue decided to get a mind of its own. I said some not nice things and guess who was very upset by my statements? My mum. After I finished, I don't remember if I apologised immediately, but at night, we all went to bed especially me feeling quite bad. Very early the following morning, I went to my mum's room to apologise again after I realised how upset she must have been. But guess what I found? As soon as I got into her closet, she was already dressing up and ready to help me get to work. Like she had already forgotten my misbehaviour or she still decided to love me despite my wrong doing the previous day. 
Irrespective of my misconduct, my value had not diminished in her eyes.
She looked beyond the Miss Onakz that really upset her the day before. She never saw me as silly or stupid or foolish (Oh well, even if she has, she's never told me so).

Imagine that!
Despite my inadequacies, my mum still thinks the world of me and even knowing that she does, I will never do anything that would hurt her deliberately. .
How much more with God? If my mum thinks so much of me, I can only imagine and find out from His word what God thinks. 
Irrespective of what I do, my value is not reduced in His eyes. However, that does not mean I should continue to be a nuisance  or continue to act however I please.

[The Lord answered] “Can a woman forget her nursing child
And have no compassion on the son of her womb?
Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.
“Indeed, I have inscribed [a picture of] you on the palms of My hands;
Your city walls [Zion] are continually before Me.
Isaiah 49: 15 -16 (The Amplified Bible)

Although your value is never diminished in God's eyes, please make sure you live a life that always honours Him.
Have a wonderful week honouring your maker.
Loads of love, hugs and kisses.
As always, 
Miss Onakz...


  1. Thank you Tola for the timely reminder!

    1. Thank you very much Segun for reading and more thanks for following. I felt like somersaulting when I saw you are now following me...LOL

  2. HE is always faithful and just to forgive us .... for HIS mercy sake, HE already does tat because we are HIS children.

    A mother's love is unconditional...always forgiving because your pain is her pain and your joy is her joy .. so imagine our creator, who created us in HIS own image?

    A mother might not like what her child does, but she will always be there for him or her ... so is our Heavenly Father.

    1. Yes o. Sometimes, when I think of the benefits that children get or the things they can get away with, I am truly blown away.

      True, yoruba people say "Orisa bi iya ko si" meaning "there is no one or nothing like mother". Then comparing her with God is truly indescribable.

      Thank you so much Nitty. I appreciate you always...xxx.

  3. Wonderful post and thoughts indeed, there's nothing like a mother or father's love. Warm greetings and nice week!

    1. Their love is truly very deep.
      Thank you so much Blogoratti.