Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How Does "Lateness" Make Sense?

Hello My Good Good People
How are you doing?
How was your weekend?
Hope you enjoyed it
I really enjoyed mine
Sorted out a few personal things and let my hair down
Generally, it was quite a very happy one

A friend and I were talking some months ago about life and the things we felt were outstanding for us. Well, let's just say the topic was on things we hadn't achieved personally with major emphasis was on marriage but this post can still refer to other aspects of life. The job you feel you are supposed to be doing by now, the children you wish you already had, the beautiful house you wish you had bought or built so you don't keep improving your landlord's empire or the amazing car you should be riding. The business that is already making profit in your mind. Everything really. And our conclusion was "life would level out at a point" and the focus would be on what is truly important and not things that you or other have achieved or failed to achieve.

As a child or an adult, I don't ever remember my mum telling me "Aunty X and I were mates in school but guess what, I'm more accomplished than her because I started working before her, got married, had kids before or even retired before her." That conversation has never happened and I doubt it would because she and all her friends have had their lives turn in different lanes. A got married first but B had her children first. C started work first and D is the CEO of 123 Company. E is still working and F is ...  Hope you get the full gist. Like a previous post here, I'll say again that our paths in life are very different. We just meet at various junctions.

Using biblical illustration, read the genealogy men in Genesis 5. From there, I found some very interesting things. Adam has Seth at age 130, Seth had Enoch at 105. Enosh had Kenan at 90. Kenan had Mahalalel at 70. Mahalalel had Jared at 65. Jared had Enoch at 162. Enoch has Methuselah at 65 years. Methuselah had Lamech at 187 years. Lamech had Noah at 182 years. 

Guess where I'm going, I'm off to verse 32. "After Noah was 500 years old, Noah fathered Shem, Ham and Japheth." Genesis 5: 32 (English Standard Version). Read that again, age 500 o. Not age 5 or age 50. He spent 5 centuries of his life to have 3 sons. You'll know think Noah was late, right?

But guess what? When the floods came on the earth, it didn't spare Noah's older cousins or uncles or older relatives. Only his lineage was saved. Him, his wife, his sons and their wives. The people that seemed earlier were no longer up for discussion. In fact, they no longer mattered.

I therefore urge to you wait, relax and keep your focus on God's promises. He doesn't fail. He always makes good even of messy or late situations. 

Have a fabulous week
Trusting in God that you won't get your expectations late. 
Loads of love, hugs and kisses
Miss Onakz...