Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Burning Out a Fear?

Hello People
How are you doing?
How have you been in the last 2 weeks?
I am determined that this week (Week 3) would not end without a post so anyhow this soup cooks, please manage it. We will be back transmitting fully by the next post.

First of all, I apologise for not writing for 2 whole weeks. It was not without reason.
Week 1 - Honestly had the writer's block. I logged into blogger more than 3 times that week but I was very blank. Try as I did, I couldn't find a message that week. I have started looking at some people, especially Pastors with a new set of eyes. Week in, week out, they must deliver a word to us. Then sometimes, you and I will sit in the congregation thinking to ourselves, "This sermon isn't on point this week o..." Lord will have mercy on us.
Week 2 - By Sunday morning (July 2, 2017) right in church during the service, I was happily scribbling away the post for last week and how I was going to give it to you guys hot after missing one week. However, by Monday afternoon, I was running a temperature, feeling body pain, cold and hot... Long story short, I fell ill and wasn't able to write anything.
Perfect health is really a privilege and after over a week of being ill, I am more grateful for life and health.

Being ill is one of the things I hate the most and below are a few reasons why.
1. I am not a very expressive person so it is always difficult for me to explain exactly how I feel especially when I am unwell.
2. I have a constant fear which is 'Am I "kera-ing"?' Pardon my Yoruba in English but I am even struggling to translate it. 'Am I really in this much pain or am I looking for empathy?'
3. I always have to think of my body and what I have or haven't done to it in a while. "Why do I have to pay my body this much attention?"

The fourth reason I hate being ill is maybe my greatest fear or thought on illness and that is why it is worthy of a paragraph on its own.
How do I know when I am 100% back to myself and how do I ensure that I don't fall ill again?
Ladies and gentlemen, let me just put it out there that I have the fear of burning out physically. After I recover, I always feel like I never want to fall ill in my life again so how slowly should I take things forgetting that with the illness, tons of work have already pilled up and life itself is a race.

I am not sure what fears may be keeping you from living your best or like me, you are just scared of physically burning out so you really want to take things very slowing because you fear being sick again.
Sometimes, you miss out on new and interesting things in just just because you are scared. Anyway, this post is just for me to encourage myself.
Miss Onakz, now that you are better, get back to life, get back to work, get back to achieving your goals and get back to living your best life now.
I don't know if you are like me and you really need a pep talk. To think it is already middle of the year and you still have tasks and goals that need to be achieved before the end of this year. Don't worry, from time to time, even the best of us need some self motivation speech.

And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.
I Samuel 30: 6 (King James Version)

Have a wonderful weekend as always
Filled with love, hugs and kisses,
Miss Onakz...


  1. Lol @ "kera-ing". Good health truly is a blessing.

    1. Yes now. Very true. A very important blessing.
      Thanks as always,